Selection Procedure

Choosing natural stone for your granite counter tops has several considerations to keep in mind. Some granites without color variations could be selected from very small samples. Others need to be viewed fully because of slight shade variations. Although variations give granite its natural beauty these same variations could cause disenchantment if you’re looking for something that is going to be exactly the same throughout every piece. Before making a final selection on natural stone, be prepared to accept its earthly beauty along with its natural variance.

The next choice is edge profiles.  Granite comes with several industry edges such as full bullnose, half Bullnose, eased edge, demi bullnose, ogee edge or 1/4″ bevel. The selection of the edge will help determine the proper overhang to give your counter tops.
Granite slabs are approximately 108″-128″ long and 56″-72″ high by 1 1/4″ thick (3cm+-.) Counter top parts that are bigger than this must be seamed. The average kitchen counter top has one or more seams. A colored epoxy or silicone is normally used to fill counter top seams but because of granite’s natural shade variations the seams are not always 100% invisible.

The final step in selecting your counter top requires the selection of your sink, faucet, surface unit and any other appliances that will affect your counter top. You will need this information for pricing, ordering, templating and final delivery, to keep your order flowing smoothly through the process. Interior Concepts can assist you in your selection of these items in their   partner discount program with Construction Supply Direct, which is in the same building.

Ordering Procedure

To get a quote for your counter top, you will need a layout print (plan view) to know the exact square footage of counter top surface, the linear footage of edge that will be profiled, amount of polished or unpolished cutouts and any type of customizing such as large radiuses, Korbeled corners, or bump outs. Interior Concepts will formulate a schematic plan for you based on your needs and submit to the fabricator for estimate and initial plan.

Once you have made all the final decisions, we proceed to schedule a template. During this appointment, the fabricators will make a 1/4″ wood template to place with the order or a digital template generated on site using a CAD program and saved to a .dxf format.
Regardless of what method is used to determine your counter top dimensions, the fabricator will generate a CAD drawing of your order to complete with every aspect of the job.

This system for checking and double checking all aspects of the job before we begin ensures that your job will run smoothly and efficiently.

Receiving Procedure

Our fabricator partner maintains a one to two week lead time for all granite counter top orders. This lead time does not begin until a checklist and shop drawing is signed and approved. If there are undecided issues with your order such as sinks, faucets or other appliance not being selected, the job cannot be started.

When we are finished fabricating your order, it is immediately expedited and is delivered by our granite trucks and installed by our granite technicians.

Ordering the Granite

• Its best to measure for counter tops after the cabinets are installed. You can use the cabinet plan as your drawings.
• Be sure to note how much you want your counter to overhang the face frames of your cabinets (typically 1″ to 1-1/2″).
• Also note which edges of the counter should have a bull-nose or other style of finished edge.
• Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.