GAF was founded in 1886, GAF has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing.* Our success in growing the company to nearly $3 billion in sales has been based on our unique philosophy of:

  • Helping property owners & architects to make their best and safest roofing choices.
  • Helping supportive distributors and roofing contractors to build their businesses and avoid hassles.
  • Here are just some of the reasons why we believe that GAF is your best and safest choice!


Residential Roofing

GAF Lifetime Roofing System

-Lifetime Shingles

Timberline Lifetime Shingles

    • Timberline Ultra HD
    • Timberline HD
    • Timberline Natural Shadow
    • Timberline American Harvest

Timberline Specialty Shingles

    • Timberline Cool Series
    • Timberline AmorShield II

Lifetime Designer Shingles

-Ultra Premium Designer Shingles

    • Camelot
    • Country Mansion
    • Grand Slate
    • Grand Canyon

-Value Collection Designer Shingles

    • Camelot II
    • Country Mansion II
    • Grand Slate II
    • Slateline
    • Grand Sequoia
    • Woodland
    • Monaco

Lifetime Roofing System Components

-Roof Deck Protection
  • Deck- Amor
  • Tiger Paw
  • Shingle Mate
  • VersaShield Fire- Resistant Roof Deck Protection
  • RoofPro
-Leak Barriers
  • StormGuard
  • WeatherWatch XT
  • WeatherWatch
  • UnderRoof 2
  • UnderRoof HT
  • StormFlash
-Starter Strip Shingles
  • Pro- Start
  • WeatherBlocker
-Roof Vents and Attic Ventilation
  • Cobra Ridge Vent (exhaust)
  • Cobra Rigid Vent 3 (exhaust)
  • Cobra Ridge Runner (exhaust)
  • Cobra Snow Country (exhaust)
  • Cobra Snow Country Advanced (exhaust)
  • Cobra Fascia Vent (intake)
  • Cobra FasciaFlow Vent (intake)
  • Master Flow Roof Louvers (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Green Machine Solar- Powered Roof Vent (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Power Roof Ventilators (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Power Gable Ventilators (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Rotary Turbine Vents (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Green Machine Dual- Powered Vent (exhaust)
  • Master Flow Green Machine Solar Powered Ridge Vent
  • Master Flow Soffit/Undereave Vents (intake)
  • Master Flow Green Machine Solar- Powered Intake Booster Vent (intake)
  • Master Flow Gable Louver (intake or exhaust)
  • Master Flow Foundation Vents
  • Master Flow Whole House Fans
  • Master Flow Chimney/ Roof Caps & Other Accessories
  • Master Flow Safety Caps for Chimneys
-Ridge Caps Shingles
  • TimberTex
  • Ridglass
  • Seal- A- Ridge
  • Z Ridge
  • Vented RidgeCrest

Other GAF Roofiing Products

Three- Tab Shingles
  • Marquis WeatherMax
  • Royal Sovereign
-TruSlate (genuine slate)
-Liberty SBS Self- Adhering Roofing System
-Roof Accessory Paint
  • Shingle Match
-Fiber- Cement Siding
  • WeatherSide Fiber- Cement Siding
    • Purity Shingle
    • Profile Shingle
    • Emphasis Shingle
    • Matching Accessories Available…

Commercial Roofing

GAF Commercial Roofing Products, Systems and Accessories

Commercial Roofing Products, Systems and Accessories
-Built- Up Roofing
  • GafGlas
    • GafGlas #75 Base Sheet
    • GafGlas #80 Ultima Base Sheet
    • GafGlas Stratavent Eliminator Perforated
    • GafGlas Stratavent Eliminator Nailable
    • GafGlas FlexPly 6
    • GafGlas Ply 4
    • GafGlas Mineral Surfaced Cap Sheet
    • GafGlas EnergyCap BUR Mineral Surfaced Cap Sheet
  • Fire Barriers
    • Fire Out Fire Barrier
    • VersaShield Fire Barrier
  • Metalastic, M- Weld, and Lexsuco
    • M- Weld
    • Metalastic
    • Lexsuco Flashing Accessories
-Modified Bitumen Roofing Products and Systems
  • Ruberoid APP Modified Bitumen Membranes
  • Ruberoid SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes
  • Self- Adhered Modified Bitumen Membranes
-Single- Ply Roofing Systems
  • EverGuard TPO
  • EverGuard PVC
  • Freedom Self- Adhered Membranes
-Liquid Applied Membranes
  • Topcoat
  • FireOut
-Specialty Roofing Products
  • GardenScapes Garden Roofing
  • Plazadeck
-Insulation and Fastening
  • Drill- Tec Fasteners
  • EnergyGuard Insulation
  • RhinoBond System
  • OlyBond 500/ SpotShot
-Cements, Coatings, and Adhesives
  •  TopCoat Matrix Cements, Coatings, and Adhesives
  • Single- Ply Adhesives, Primers, and Sealants

 Other GAF Products

-Non- Woven Fabrics
-Ornamental Iron