Fixtures are both functional and decorative.  Lighting a room once meant centering a lonely overhead fixture in each room. But no one light can provide all the illumination needed in a room, especially in the kitchen. With a single light, every time you turn to the kitchen counter you’re in your own shadow. The plan for a typical kitchen uses fixtures that readily cater to cooking, eating, and entertaining. We suggest placing lights on dimmer switches when possible. A good tip for homeowners is if you’re adding lighting to an existing home, look for an electrician with prior remodeling experience.

A well- lit room feels comfy to work and play in and flatters your face and furnishings. Experts shed light on how to create the best lighting plans for your home. We also solve your everyday lighting dilemmas.

A good lighting plan makes both you and your home look your best. The recipe for a successful lighting plan mixes four types, or layers, of illumination that belong in every room of the house. These layers are:


Counter tops gain extra visibility with easy install disks. Ideal for illuminating work surfaces or cabinet interiors, these energy saving LED units can be surface mounted or recessed.


Ambient lighting is indirect light that broadly and evenly illuminates rooms.  This type of light includes pendants, torchieres, and opaque sconces, as well as overhead fixtures and above- cabinet cove lighting that bounce light upward.


  Task lighting spotlights your work area. This category includes desk and reading lamps and under counter lights.


Whether single, double or triple globe, wall sconces add utility with direct lighting while providing a decorative flair to even the most basic bath. Designed to work as task lighting near mirrors, these units are available in a variety of metal finishes, allowing you the opportunity to coordinate your bath fixtures with your lighting!


Accent lighting adds depth and dimension while it highlights art and architecture. If you are looking for this type of lighting shop for track lights and adjustable recessed lights.


  Decorative lighting not only adds architectural pizazz and visual sparkle, but humanizes oversize rooms to make them feel cozier. Look for chandeliers and pretty lamps with linen shades.


 Pretty and petite (all under 10 inches in diameter), pendant lights are the perfect alternative to frilly chandeliers and bulky ceiling lights. They’re available in styles to suit every taste, from country to modern to romantic cottage. Hang alone or in a grouping for a brighter glow.